A Guide to Buying a Refurbished Smartphone

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A Guide to Buying a Refurbished Smartphone

The Smartphone is something few of us can live without these days and with each new model released, they grow in power and capabilities. Online shopping, emails, texting, gaming, newsfeed updates, social media, online banking and with inbuilt cameras for amazing photos and video - it seems the least likely thing we do with our smartphones now is make a phone call.

Since the original iPhone revolutionised the way we use our phones back in 2007, other manufacturers have joined the market making a wide selection of smartphones available to us with an array of choices both in price and functionality. It can make selecting your new smartphone a bit daunting, but we’re here to help.

New or Preowned Smartphone?

If you buy NEW, you can choose from the simplest, least powerful smartphone for as little as €150 (only a few go for this) or opt for the latest Apple iPhone that can cost as much as €1,400. There are a number of other options in between, but most new smartphones are at the upper end of the price scale. You can purchase them at somewhat reduced prices from various networks, but these then tie you in to lengthy and expensive contracts. You’re still paying top dollar, just spreading the costs a little.

A good option, well worth considering, is to buy PRE-OWNED. The preowned smartphone proposition from TechStar provides an array of models to choose from, at seriously more affordable prices. As experts in the repair of smartphones and technical computer devices, TechStar technicians have little trouble returning used smartphones to ‘good as new’ conditions. Reusing perfectly good working devices is better for the environment too.

Phone Network Freedom

All our smartphones, both new and preowned, are unlocked so you can use them with any network. The big benefit of this is it gives you more control. Released from lengthy and often expensive contracts, you now have the freedom to change networks based on the best deals available.

12-Month Warranty on All Phones

All our phones, new or preowned, are covered with 12 months warranty (accidental damage is not covered so remember to always protect your device with a case and Tempered Glass). 

Android Users

If you’re an Android user you can choose from the powerful and reasonably priced new Xiaomi smartphone, or the beautiful and versatile preowned Samsung S series phones.

Apple Users

If you’re an Apple user, we have a preowned selection of all the popular models, starting from iPhone 6s up to iPhone 11 and everything in between, with a selection of different quality grades in each category to match your budget.

Protect Against Accidental Phone Damage

Remember that every smartphone should be protected by a case and Tempered Glass. Just purchase these accessories with the phone and we will apply the Tempered Glass before shipping your phone.

Smartphone Cables and Chargers

We have charging cables and chargers available for all models of phones. From classic Micro USB to lightening cables for iPhones and USB C cables for other devices. Regular and fast wireless chargers are also available in multiple colours and varieties. A collection of car chargers and screen mounts is also available.

Top Things to Consider When Buying a Smartphone

Ask our Team members - in store, by phone or Chat Online - about the specifications of handsets that you are interested in. Consider things like battery life, camera quality, storage, speed and of course, the price. Our Team members will be happy to help you work out the best phone for you.

Free Returns

So confident are we in our refurbished smartphones, all our online smartphone purchases are covered with a free 14-days return policy, so go ahead and pick the phone you love!