A Guide to Buying a Refurbished Apple MacBook

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A Guide to Buying a Refurbished Apple MacBook

A Guide to Buying a Refurbished Apple MacBook

Apple MacBooks really do stand out in the laptop crowd. Apart from looking fabulous, they are fast, reliable and they last the test of time. As a result, they tend to come with a premium price to match, but this really is one of those cases where you get what you pay for. 

Buying a refurbished MacBook from TechStar is an excellent compromise that gives you all the benefits of the features and capabilities of a MacBook, at an affordable cost, with 100% support and 12-month warranty included. The only decision left is which one to buy!

How will you use your MacBook?

Before making your decision about what Apple MacBook model to buy, first ask yourself what you plan to use it for. 

Apple MacBook - Ideal for School/College, Shopping and Administration

If you’re looking for a reliable MacBook for creating documents and excel worksheets, doing some online research for college and maybe some online shopping, you could opt for an older style MacBook available for as little as €599. Even 2012 models are equipped with a powerful Intel i5 processor and SSD (solid state hard disk) which is more than enough power and storage for your needs.

TechStar Recommends: Models A1278 or A1425 MacBook Pro 13”, A1286 MacBook Pro 15” or a selection of the A1466 MacBook Air 13”. All compatible with MS Office 2016 and 2019. 

Don’t forget to ask a TechStar team member for a compatible MS Office package to work with your new (refurbished) MacBook for simple and convenient document creation.

Buy Kaspersky Internet Security for anti-virus protection. External mice and protection sleeves also available.

Apple MacBook for Programmers, Designers and More Advanced Project Work

Perhaps you need a MacBook with a little more umph for more advanced work like coding or programming, creating complicated graphs, excel macros and formulas. If you’re on a budget, you could opt for one of the MacBook Retina models from 2015 onwards. 

These MacBooks come with a crisp sharp screen, strong i5 and i7 Intel processors, 4GB or 8GB RAM with the latest fast SSD drives from 128GB to 512GB – all more than enough power to handle medium to advanced projects. 

Refurbished MacBook Retina models are available from €899 and both 13” and 15” screen options are available.

TechStar Recommends: Models A1502 and A1398 MacBook Pro.  

Most MacBook Retina models are compatible with the latest MacOS and will work with MS Office 2019 and Kaspersky Internet Security. Protection sleeves, backpacks and external mice are all available. Compatible external storage like USB Keys and USB Hard Drives are also in stock.

Apple MacBook for Music Projects, Video and Graphics Editing

The new MacBook design launched in late 2016 is slick, light and powerful. Some newer MacBooks are fitted with a “butterfly” style keyboard, with touch bar instead of Function Keys and various colours are also available. Fast memory and built-in solid state hard drives designed specifically to handle multiple projects like video and graphics editing and making music. Refurbished models of this newer MacBook range start at €1199.

TechStar Recommends: Models A2179, A1932 MacBook Pro 13” and 16” also MacBook and MacBook Air models.

Apple MacBook Compatibility with Microsoft MS Office

MS Office works perfectly with all Apple MacBook laptops

Anti-Virus Software

TechStar recommends Kaspersky Internet Security, compatible with all Apple MacBook models and proven to protect you from viruses and identity theft.

Apple MacBook Accessories

TechStar supplies a range of accessories for Apple MacBook, including additional chargers, external hard drives for backing up your data and USB Memory sticks for quickly transferring your photos or documents. You can connect your Mac to a large monitor or a projector through available accessories that will make any Mac, older and new, compatible with any display.

And remember…

Once you get Mac you’ll never go back!