A Little Bit About TechStar

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A Little Bit About TechStar


Who are we?

TechStar is an independent, Irish owned  supplier of Technology Repair Services & Products to Our Customers. We specialise in the repair, service & sale of new & refurbished MacBooks, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, Gaming Products, Software & IT accessories.

Spotting a Repairs & Service Niche

The Promoters, having worked with some of the larger Nationwide PC Retailers, were convinced that there was an opportunity for a new Service based offering in the Irish market . In 2011, in the middle of a recession, TechStar is born.

Technical Knowledge & Knowhow

Our reputation has always been Our main source of new Business. We provide an effective & efficient IT service & sales advice, backed up by in house Technical Knowledge & knowhow.  In 2016 TechStar opened a purpose built Repair Hub in Limerick, offering an express service for Laptop diagnosis & repair.

Customer Focused

We opened Our first TechStar on Dock Rd., Galway, in 2011, with 2 Technicians offering a service & repair of desktop Computers & Laptops to potential Customers. The business grew rapidly through word of mouth & local advertising.

Our ethos was & still is to be Customer Focused, providing a speedy & reliable service . We are very grateful to Our Customers for the positive referrals & reviews that they pass on to their friends & colleagues.

Providing Peace of Mind

Customers who experienced Our expertise & reliability with repairs started asking Us for guidance & help when wanting to source new product. They wanted Us to purchase new Laptops, MacBooks Mobile devices, Anti-Virus Software & IT accessories for them. We soon realised that they wanted solutions , rather than products, which did the job & gave them Peace Of Mind.

Refurbished MacBooks and Smartphones

Given Our skills in repairs & upgrades, the next logical step for Us was to sell refurbished products. Our “ Good As New “ MacBooks, Laptops, Smartphone, Etc. Provide an excellent alternative to more expensive new products. Giving these products a new & extended life is both good for the environment & cost effective for Our Customer. We offer a 14 day Free Returns Policy on any refurbished product sold Online.

It’s Game On

A growing segment for Us in recent years is the Gaming Market. Gaming Desks, Chairs, Headsets, Keyboards, Power Banks, Speakers, Etc., are some of Our biggest selling product range’s. Our On Line shop is a Gamers Paradise for All of the latest Gaming Products.

The Brands We Offer

At TechStar, We have built a reputation for Our skillset with Apple MacBooks, iPads & iPhones. Other favoured brands include Samsung, Huawei, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, HP, Brother, Viewsonic, Trust,  Aquarius & many more.

Expanding The TechStar Offering

As Our Business grew in Galway, we expanded our offering by opening a second store on Henry St., Limerick, in 2014. This TechStar store was awarded the "Top 30 Must See Stores" by Retail Excellence Ireland. Following the success of this offering, we opened another TechStar store in Castletroy Shopping Centre in 2016. This store achieved a "Top 100 Stores in Ireland" award from the judges in Retail Excellence Ireland in 2017. In 2020, TechStar opened a new store in Jetland Shopping Centre, growing the TechStar team to 20 people.

The newest addition to TechStar Group is our first store in the Cork area, in Ballincollig, CaslteWest Shopping Centre. This store opened its doors in 2022 and qualified for the "Top 100 stores in Ireland" award by Retail Excellence Ireland.

From TechStar's current success, the aim is to keep expanding more stores in future and continue helping, supporting and developing our loyal customer base.

TechStar Goes Online

In 2020 www.techstar.ie  was upgraded & a new online shop was created & opened. Our online shop has enabled TechStar to expand, offering the same quality products & suite of repair services , with free shipping Nationwide.